Signage Solutions

Signage Solutions

AMROCK provides informative Signage Solutions and Sign Boards to corporates in India and abroad.

How to use Signage Display ?

We have a dedicated team and in-house manufacturing to promote the use of properly designed informative signage.

We have been pioneers in providing corrosion free Signage Solutions with the help of the R&D done in-house and developing special material signage that can withstand harsh environments all across.

Sign Boards

Our Sign Board Applications

  • Informatory System
  • Highway and Road Safety Signage
  • Airport
  • Railway
  • Metro or any Public Transport System Signage
  • Industrial Signage
  • Way finder
  • Fire Safety
  • Hazardous Area Signage
  • Port Signage
  • Unique Signage Solution for Oil and Gas

Signage Solutions or Sign Boards or Traffic signs are symptoms constructed at the side of or above streets to give guidelines or provide information to motorists. The initial sign Boards were simple wood made or stone objectives. Later, sign Board Design with online arms were introduced, for example, the fingerposts in the U. s. Empire and their wood made alternatives in Saxony.

With traffic amounts increasing since the Thirties, many nations have implemented graphic symptoms or otherwise simple and consistent their symptoms to get rid of terminology limitations, and enhance traffic safety. Such graphic symptoms use signs (often silhouettes) in place of words and are usually based on international methods. Such Traffic sign Boards were first developed in European countries, and have been implemented by most nations to different degrees.

Road symptoms in the Republic of Indian are similar to those used in some parts of the U. K. Empire, except that they are multilingual.

Most urban streets and condition roadways have symptoms in situations terminology and British. National roadways have symptoms in situations terminology, Hindi and British.

In 2012, the Travel and leisure department in India declared programs to update street symptoms in situations to include charts of nearby medical centers. The Noida Power declared programs to change older sign boards with new neon signage.