With the increasing industrial requirement and the inclination towards modern technology, Life-long solutions have been the priority these days. Keeping the same in mind we at AMROCK have expanded the product line and have come up with FRP Based poles.


Why FRP?

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) is a substitute material for the manufacturing of poles with high strength and can also resist harsh environmental changes. Again keeping in mind our motto 'Do More with Less' AMROCK has been best in industry solutions which are cost effect and with better performance in long run.

Composite FRP prove best where the traditional materials struggle for their existence. Keeping the theory of 'Charles Darwin in mind' (survival of Fittest). Today industry expects & Demands companies to manufacture products and provide services which best fits the requirements and provide long life.

Woods Rot, Steel/Iron Rust, Aluminum dent, but FRP is strong and last long. FRP, with its in build qualities also meets the design and manufacturing requirements as per the customer's choice. Hence we recommend FRP as a smart choice.

Types of Poles

We produce fluted and square profiled lighting poles that safely support luminaires in a very decorative way.

  • Fluted Type (Height: 0.50 Mtr to 4.50 Mtr)
  • Square Type (Height: 0.50 Mtr to 4.50 Mtr)
  • 'J' Type

Advantages of FRP

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • High strength
  • Light on weight
  • Non Conductor to Electricity
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Environment friendly