FRP Gratings

FRP Gratings based products being one of the core areas of working after developing pipes we have come up with one more product of FRP based Non- metallic gratings. AMROCK specialists can also mold Fibreglass Gratings to listed specifications, and also offer pultruded grating in FRP and a cutting and fitting service. Moreover, as compared to steel gratings, these molded gratings in FRP do not require any special care and maintenance and retain their anti-slip property for years.

AMROCK offers durable Grating Systems to various industries. It is helpful to a mixed variety of commercial enterprises including

Chemical | Food & Beverage | Marine | Oil & Gas | Power | Industry | Buildings | Constructions | Pharmaceuticals | Pulp & Paper | Recreation | Water & Waste Treatment | Shipping | Transportation | Architectural | Telecommunications and many more…

Advantages of AMROCK FRP Gratings

  • Anti-Corrosion Properties
  • Anti-Skid Surface
  • Reduced maintenance Cost
  • Long Service Life
  • No need for Painting
  • Custom Sizes with desired specifications
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Dimensional Stability

Manufactured using super quality material systems, out Fibreglass shaped gratings are especially developed to give the best
possible efficiency without limiting on worldwide quality specifications. Amrock Fibreglass shaped gratings are portable and
can be quickly developed and set up.

Clients can acquire FRP Gratings with us at state of the art prices. FRP Gratings have low set up and servicing costs as in
comparison to metal. They are non immune to substances and UV stable guaranteeing best action as in comparison to standard
materials especially timber.

Amrock also offer personalized Fibreglass Gratings to our customers on special demand. You have to describe your
specifications to us and we are ready with innovative commercial alternatives for you.

We, AMROCK are one of the leading manufacturer of FRP/FIBERGLASS/GRP Products based at Ahmedabad. We have FRP GRATING as one of the premium products. These Gratings are 100% Corrosion free and have various advantages over conventional Metal Gratings which are very heavy and corrosion prone.

Our Gratings can be used in below areas:

Water Trench Cover ΙΙ Platforms ΙΙ Cooling Tower Area ΙΙ Boiler Area ΙΙ Step Treads ΙΙ Walkways/Walk Paths

Features of FRP Gratings:

Corrosion Free ΙΙChemical Resistance ΙΙ Maintenance Free ΙΙFire Retardant ΙΙ UV Resistance ΙΙ Non Conductive ΙΙLong LifeΙΙ Anti-skid surface ΙΙ No Colour Fading

Fiberglass Grating
Fiberglass Grating

Comparison of FRP Gratings:

Properties FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Mild Steel Galvanised Iron
Corrosion Resistance Excellent Low Low
Acid Fumes Resistance Excellent Low Moderate
Electrical conductivity Low High High
Fire Retardant High High High
Chemical Resistance Excellent Low Low
Strength to Weight ratio Excellent Low Good
Life Cycle Cost Low Moderate Moderate
Ease in installation Excellent Moderate Moderate
Environment Impact Low High High
Cost Medium Low Low

Specification we follow: Proposed standard of the Fiberglass Grating Manufacturers Council of the American Composites Manufacturers Association.

Standards which are applicableASTM E-84, UL-94, 3 point loading test as proposed by FGAC of ACMA.

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