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AMROCK manufactures a wide range of FRP Junction Boxes using quality material such as Fiberglass and Polyester resin to ensure corrosion and resistance. These Junction Boxes are installed at Poles and they carry anti-corrosive, dust proof, rust proof, shock proof, vermin proof and flame retardant property.


The base door or other joint does not bend, soften on heating and are with tamper proof construction. The material of box withstands temperature rise, hot spot temperature and occasional arcing of bus bar system. The box is made out of thermosetting plastic as per IS:13410-1992.

Unique Features:

  • Theft Free
  • Less Weight & High Strength
  • Non Conductive
  • Non Metallic
  • Low Flame Spread Index
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Dust and Weather Proof Electrical Insulated
  • Fire Retardant
  • Long Life
  • Impact Resistance


Excellent Insulating Properties

No Toxic emission in the event of fire

Resistant to Thermal Shocks

No Resale Value – Cannot be sold in Open Market


AMROCK is well established within the electrical and enclosure industries. We offer FRP (Fibreglass) Enclosures to prevent damaging elements such as water, salt, chemicals and UV. Our line of NEMA Type 4X, IEC Type IP66 non-metallic enclosures provides maximum protection where you need it most.

Why FRP (Fibreglass) Enclosures?

  • Light Weight and easy to handle, yet strong enough to hold up under extreme conditions.
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance well exceeding that of carbon steel and very similar to stainless steel.
  • Non Conductive electrical insulator rather than electric conductor.
  • FRP Enclosures offer significant savings as compared to stainless steel, both in material and shipping costs.
Performance Comparison of Enclosure Materials
  Fibreglass Stainless Steel Carbon Steel PVC Polycarbonate
Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent Fair
Chemical Resistance Excellent Excellent Poor Very Good Good
Relative Cost Low High Low to Moderate Low Low to Moderate
Drilling, Punching & Cutting Very Easy Extremely Hard Hard Very Easy Easy
Dielectric Strength Insulator Conductor Conductor Insulator Insulator
Weight Light Heavy Heavy Light Light

Popular Industries

Power Industrial
Power Generation-Conventional & Alternative Process Industries
Power Transmission and Distribution Chemical
Infrastructure Cement
Airport Paper
Road Sugar
Water Technology
Oil and Gas Defence
Refineries Naval

Our Sales and Engineering Team is readily available to assist you with sales and technical support. Whether you need standard or modified product, AMROCK indeed is a one-stop shop for your non-metallic enclosure and accessory needs.

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