AMROCK manufactures DUCT RODDERS, ideal for pulling electric cables & wires, fiber optic cables & datacom cables in under floor channels, multi-stored office complexes and long length industrial electrical circuits.

Benefits of Duct Rodders

The core fiberglass rods are coated with very specialized plastic compounds resulting in composite rods with the following properties and benefits :

  • Highly resistant to bending & shearing stress allows passing through tight bends.
  • Durable, High Strength, Super Tough
  • Small radius of curvature allows passing through tight bends.
  • Low coefficient of friction & heat resistance allows the rod to travel longer distances and operate in harsh environments.
  • Specialized Plastic coating used is abrasion resistant and results in extreme durability.
  • Flexi rods are non conductive and therefore safe for the operator.
  • Compact Construction. Can fit into the boot of any car.
  • No running cost

We offer customized sizes and colors for specific requirements as well.